Status Changes

Status Changes occur periodically through the life-cycle of a transaction. They represent different states of a transaction as it progresses through VeriCheck and into the ACH network.

VeriCheck Transaction Statuses

Transaction StatusStatus NameDescription
APendingThe transaction has been initiated and accepted for processing by VeriCheck.

Transactions can be voided while in 'Pending' status.

Transactions automatically change from 'Pending' status at 6PM Eastern Time.
BOriginatedTransaction has been pulled from the system for processing through the Federal Reserve.

Transaction may not be reversed or voided in this state
RReturnedTransaction has been returned by the customer's bank.

For more information on types and reasons for returns, see:
SSettledTransaction has been funded to the Merchant's Bank.

Transaction can be reversed/refunded in this state

HTTP Method: GET



Response Example

            "change_timestamp":"2014-05-08 12:24:30",
            "reason":"Insufficient funds."
            "change_timestamp":"2014-04-11 12:14:10",
            "change_timestamp":"2014-03-18 10:44:50",
            "reason":"Account Frozen"

Status Change Object

FieldData Type
origination_dateString or null
effective_dateString or null
settlement_dateString or null
return_dateString or null
return_codeString or null
statusString (‘A’, ‘B’, ‘S’, ‘R’)
reasonString or null